Who is Edi Callier?

           "I remember in February of 2017, I laid unmoving in a hospital                    bed being told that for the rest of my life, staying alive would be               like staying ahead of a bear running behind me from that point                forward.

       I believe we're given a few moments in each of our journeys on this          earth to make a choice: choose to accept our fate as it's told to

     us and as we believe it to be... or to reach out and grab the reigns of        our fate to take control of our destinies. In that moment, I told myself        that as soon as I left that hospital, I'd work harder than I ever had             before. I'd achieve all of the goals I'd set out for myself and no matter      what, I wouldn't let anything stand in the way. I told myself to always   keep pushing because no matter what it looks like, over the horizon #GreaterisComing."

- Edi Callier

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